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The rise of child sexual abuse on the Internet implies a challenge for the police forces

Reading Time: 2 min Child abuse and sexual exploitation on the web have increased significantly in recent years. Use of social media to share child porn images is a challenge for Metropolitan police in London.

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The Metropolitan police have found a significant increase in the quantity of online child sexual maltreatment and abuse cases and, in certain regions of London, officers are overseeing over 100 registered sex offenders cases.

Social Media are progressively used as online channels to share and view indecent images worldwide, the HM Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Salvage Administrations (HMICFRS) said.

While the issue was hailed up in a report on the Metropolitan police, they described it as a national issue.

It requires an organized reaction at a national level, including online companies, to comprehend and research how to reduce access to, and availability of images.

HMICFRS said the police investigating Internet cases of indecent images of children and sexual abuse were not working.

Inquiry reveals, over 1,000 claims of child sexual abuse in custody

In a survey of 34 online cases, 29 were evaluated as either insufficient or requiring improvement, with 15 sent back in the light of the fact that the inspectorate considered they contained proof of serious issues.

The inspector of the constabulary, Matt Parr, said special teams lack capacity, and resource pressures, have led to the force being “overwhelmed” by cases and not able to serve the victims as need and deserve.

Expanding utilization of web-based social networking and channels to distribute, share and view child sexual abuse images represents a mind-boggling challenge for policing, as per the report.

The assessment of, an audit of 303 cases found that child protection practice was acceptable in 93, required improvement in 127 and was bad in 83.

While fewer cases were inadequate than in previous similar inspections, HMICFRS said the outcomes showed that consistency of viable practice stayed “weak”.

Chances to act rapidly and unequivocally to secure children and avoid offending are as yet being missed, as per the report.

HMICFRS added: “We found that absence of supervision, alongside the high workload of investigators, is adding to the problems including delays in investigations.”

Children’s safety on Social Media needs improvements

Senior leaders must make sure that this timescale is justifiable, given the serious vulnerability of a significant number of children who come into contact with the police,” the report said.

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HMICFRS noticed that the Metropolitan police had made progress since the 2016 report, bringing about “better and increasingly compelling oversight of child security and practices across the force”.

The Metropolitan police concluded that child abuse and sexual exploitation on the web have increased significantly in recent years. “The pressure and demand on the force, combined with the need to keep headway of the technology innovation and adapt our way of working to detect and identify offenders, implies a challenge for the police forces national and international.”

“We are focused and committed to addressing the challenges ahead and improve our response.”

Commander Richard Smith, the Metropolitan police head of safeguarding, stated: “We are pleased to see an improvement in our investigations since the last HMICFRS report.”

Notwithstanding, we realize that despite the progress we have significantly more work to do before our child protection arrangements are consistently as effective as they should be.”

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